Bio's Development Log

R for other classes break since they have no placeholder animations yet :pensive:

she is going to freeze to death, this looks so cool man

Still waiting for acumen

Perhaps someday :D!
(Was that the axe looking one?)

Saw a dripped out character and had to make it :mariomug:


image Creating Character models in roblox studio

Fixing Models, Materials and Rigging

Final Pose and Lighting

Compositing, Effects, Color corrections


Absolutely epic.

omg that’s actually amazing I wasn’t expecting something that good dammmnnnn.

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The blood moon rises once again.

Please, be careful bio.

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Behind the scenes:

image Creating character model/s in studio

image Posing me
image Posing Kris

Final result:


Bio you look like you need a coffee desperately

A coffee doesn’t help when you’ve been awake for 24 hours

hey look this might be a surprise and I don’t know if college students can hear this without evaporating but you can go to sleep occasionally

:hammer: come here, i can help :blush:

this is very true