Birthday boy

Its my birthday so i drew myself smth

And yes thats chuck e cheese lol


Happ Bird day!!!

Muchas thank you compadre

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Happy Birthday!

happy day of being older

Thanks you to oversized plant

Happy birthday , random Forumer, i hope you enjoyed your time here, for i will pretty mịc enjoy bullying you for the next yeat :>

everyday is day of getting older, this is the reminder that youre getting older


you are now older

Old bread

Happy birthday! I hope your day is super special and I hope you get lots of presents <3

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everyday is of dying slowly, this is the reminder that you’re dying slowly
happi b day

So… can i still eat you or not

:cowboy_hat_face: Yee haw

I love it when everybody celebrate when i’m one year closer to my death too

one year closer to death :partying_face:

I leave that to you
Just a reminder that i still have inner organs

One year closer to the next year

Meh, human meat and even my fellow watermelon meat are fine, i bet i could eat a bread