Bit of a fantasy I discussed with my guild a few minutes ago

So let’s say this. Every adopt me player… joins wom and decides to make guilds.

What’s your reaction?

easy infamy i guess?
not like i play wom
i guess the sense of community would be shattered and this forum and the discord would get nuked

Oh I just realized…

The amount of 10 year olds that would be ranting about it…

They’d probably be able to get to leaderboards since every remotely guild invested player would die laughing at their complaints.

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Or don’t, because those little shits can jump off a microwave for all I care

What is the black circle on ur pfp?

WoM would be a far worser place. Or they leave coz it is too confusing for their small brains.

That’s fucking broken. It’ll be like when the guild update first released but WORSE!

They’ll all die.

Every guild on leaderboard would be maxed out in infamy.

On the bright side. Some nosepicking crotch gremlin can speed run making a post that gets 1000 replies in 1 hour. On the other hand night and macobres gonna have a bad time

We have some infamy among us



“The Twisted Crest” guild logo, likely.

and easy ass trades for people who arent dumb fucks lmao