Bitia posts random music everyday : a thread

i have very weird music taste and i would like to spread it to the entire forum because why not
i will post every day (i hope) and if i forget feel free to spam me on discord (if you actually care)
i will only post bangers i promise okay

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Day 1 : Creo - Lightmare

epic saxophone drop and nice atmosphere, one of my all-time favorites from creo definitely

This is pretty good stuff, the saxophone makes it even better if I’m being honest

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Day 2 : 1f1n1ty + Stardew - By Day, By Night (VIP)

this track symbolizes of an adrenaline-filled adventure, and it does it extremely well with the frequent shift of moods within the track
i have been a fan of 1f1n1ty and stardew’s works for a long time, and this one is definitely one of my top favorites

Just listened to it, and I have to say, it’s really good, especially the part in the middle. The transitions are certainly something to praise, it’s almost seamless and it sounds quite nice as well.

Day “3” : Creo - Endless

creo back at it again with the intense atmosphere and banger drops, this man (almost) never misses lol

yes i know i missed 3 days

please help me ive been listening to this on loop for a few hours its too good

if ya missed 3 days then post 3 more

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Day “4” : Mewmore - Downtown

at first i discovered mewmore through pokemon remixes but this one just hits different, because this is an actual mewmore original track, not a remix. this has everything mewmore does best, having that groovy and energetic feel throughout the entire track

3 more tracks coming ahead

also give us some good vibe musics while you’re at it :niceman:

so far it’s mostly edm

Day “5” : Omori OST - Hanging With The Boys

one of my favorite chill tunes from omori without a doubt, a perfect track to listen to while watching a sunset having a nice drink

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Day “6” : acxle - Faces

i first found acxle through a LoFi playlist, got addicted to one specific track though. this one is definitely without a doubt my favorite track from the LoFi genre currently, it just hits the chill vibes while hitting me hard with the deep thoughts

Day “7” : Kubbi - Pathfinder

this track is a WILD trip to listen to. i got nothing to say its just really good and very calm yet strong at some parts, a rollercoaster i might say

ok i think i have caught up by now, very cool

wish granted

today’s picks are a little bit more chill

Day 8 : Lightbenders - Crystal Grotto

lightbenders is a music group made for an interesting event called the All Nighter, it’s an event where a group of musicians have to make a track in exactly 24 hours. so, knowing that this track was made in 24 hours, is over 8 minutes long, and also knowing that this track hits very well in all parts, should give an idea how hard the people worked in this one track alone.

Day “9” : DM Dokuro - The Tale of a Cruel World

dm dokuro makes awesome music especially the calamity soundtrack, even the first thing you hear when you boot up calamity is already amazing. perfectly symbolizes something majestic and strong ahead of you

one more coming since i missed yesterday

Day 10 : cYsmix - Manic

ever since i discovered cysmix through osu ive been hooked to their tracks very much, this one just hits very nice with the hype energy it has, a perfect balance of intensity throughout the entire track, this is quite my thing

bruh that’s a lotta music

Day 11 : Miyolophone - Mandragora


Day 12 : Silentroom - Nhelv

ok this track just hits different. this has some crazy intensity while keeping an insanely nice dark atmosphere throughout the track, the entire music (video) is an absolutely fun experience to go through

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Day 13 : Romos - Magic Touch

i swear for the life of god i cannot find original uploads of this song i wonder why
maybe its because its a mashup of 31 SONGS THAT HAVE COPYRIGHT. yeah this shit is a banger in terms of how everything just flows and mashes together, i dont understand how fluid every combination of the songs can turn into. i first discovered this track over 5 years ago and its still an absolute banger i love it very much