Bits Of Ethepthus #7

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I present to you, the 7th entry in this series :


( Zoomed out to include #6 )

Artist’s note : Really proud of how this region turned out, looking back at the draft for it in #6 already makes me feel nostalgic lol.
It turned out differently than I initially planned but that’s great, I’m glad that I was able to surpass it.
I hope that you continue to look forward to more areas whenever I get around to drawing them :+1:


bro just posted 2 topics in a row

im going to go screenshot every bit and try to put them together.

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Bruh I posted the other one a month ago…
Just edited it to include a link to this one, since there weren’t any replies it bumped it lol.

nvm i thought it said 3m instead of apr 3

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