Blazing [Iris Fanart]

I speedran this again, about 4 hours

No fire/background version


GAHH I ran out of heartss
Yayyy Iris fanart :laughing:

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Looks so nice!! :fire:

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Ok I might simp just this once
Absolutely amazing shading on the clothes and hair!

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You literally cannot do bad lighting it seems

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Iris when someone says “Ravenna” at least once:

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Nice speedrun

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The heat from this killed Revon’s brother (again)

omg ty ty ty aaaaaa





Yet Hotter…

One more iris art and I will burn myself to ashes

she;s so cool and awesome and ths fanart of her captures that perfectly

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ngl this is a good little way to outline a drawing, it helps understand the structure of the body. im saying its a good drawing, but not as good as mcdonalds sprite tho

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Nothing will outdo sprite

This is amazing!!