Blizzard simp rally



Cryomancer fanboy

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What I do on a daily basis:

Starfordays be like.

I love wood magic :wood_magic_var1:

sounds alright
its kind of another case of “if you take this you cant really take any of the magics its composed of to avoid redundancy”, but you never know. surely it would have a status effect, so its not on the same level as storm compared to wind/lightning

more like I LOVE MUD MAGIC :heart_eyes:

somethings wrong here.

I sense a lack of w o o d

All this talk but your magic in your bio is still set to crystal :pensive:

wdym it’s wood

Oh yeah, forgot crystal and wood were the same thing. Sorry 'bout that, bud.

exactly :crystal_magic_var1:= :wood_magic_var3:

also isnt blizzard literally just wind magic with snow in it?

blizzard mid

scorch better :yawning_face:

omg this community sucks

I’m not gonna use magic. Blizzard does sound fun as a zone spell.