Blocking is basically useless in this game, and I have an idea on how to fix it

I think blocking should always block any attack, but will drain your stamina within 7-10 seconds.

you think? also your idea makes it sounds like it’s supposed to be a manual forcefield, which is not

But blocking is already useful? It can negate a ton of damage when perfect blocked, including placed explosions.

Yes, but blocking can be lagging, and hard to pull off against other players.

It isn’t that laggy to a lot of people. Once you get the timing down, it’s pretty easy to consistently perfect block.

I completely disagree, blocking if you actually take the time to get a shield is actually WELL worth your time, you can negate nearly 80% of all incoming dmg and if you perfect block you can negate 95-100%.

Pretty sure that the ability to negate 100% damage on perfect block from an attack that can deal 170 is pretty usefull, and then lowering further incoming damage by a big amount.

blocking is fine as it is
the timing is actually quite forgiving and it seems to be even easier to perfect block in laggy servers
also it’s not useless as then again you cant dodge every attack the enemy is going to throw at you would you rather take the whole damage? or just some of it.

When it isn’t laggy, blocking is fine. Delayed projectiles are very hard to block because it hits you before it visually hits, as for delayed damage that isn’t as hard but difficult to perfect unless you know the delay. The damage is reduced a lot if you have a shield, and even if you don’t, it’s worth blocking.

blocking already blocks any attack

my guy have you not been using a shield this whole time

Its very useful. You must have horrible fps.

Blocking is useful if you know how to.

Blocking is super useful except I just forget to use it in time. :sweat_smile:

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