Bnt's grade 1 and grade 3 ocs

hi yes this is me replicating my art styles from grade 1 and grade 3 + lore rambling

grade 1 oc, unnamed princess
her notable power is being able to transform into a mermaid and an angel for transportation
she can walk across the lands, swim across the oceans, and fly across the skies
all in one single princess

grade 3 oc, Kongka Kangkok (Kong)
a retired soldier who recently got out from a war becomes a shaman, and hunts ghosts down in places
he occasionally gets freaked out by those ghosts
had a history of summoning a bloody mary, and destroying every single mirrors in that building afterwards bc he’s panicking
but after getting out of the building after smashing every mirrors, he was drowned by a water spirit in the lake
like, he was walking by the lake. and the spirit dragged him into the lake and drowned him afterwards.
that’s the end of his legacy.


the hECK

bnt oc hell

idk if im scared or what

why would you be scared

the faces


do not be afraid

the face of a man who broke every single mirrors in a building

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i like these characters for some reason


Teacher: Where is your homework?

Me: BNT Ate tit. :frcryin:




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