BNT's Hell Thread ft. doodles, shenanigans, and terrible posts

ok so I’m kinda bored + been fiddling around with my OC lore, and this guy caught my attention while I’m dealing with the lore timeline

i infodump about this one oc and let you guys vote on what do you think of them

brief character introduction for The God of Destruction:

  • they were created to be the god of creation’s first friend, since creation had no one else when they first popped into existence in the void
  • very loyal to creation. and they’re the one who’s most trusted by creation.
  • “why’d they get the title of being the destruction god” this guy destroys things for these reasons:
    • creation is the one asking them to unleash disasters/destroy stuff on the world
    • destruction believes said thing is what caused distress to creation
    • creation doesn’t even bother to stop them.
  • 2nd most powerful in the pantheon (after creation), capable of wiping anything out except for creation themself

also here’s a brief worldbuilding tidbits so Destruction’s shenanigans would make more sense:

  • gods tend to work in pairs
  • gods exist as a pure manifestation of their mental state, so their mental state is basically their flesh and blood. if you break a god hard enough, they go boom
    • gods can straight up blow up/destroy the lesser gods in the hierachy too.
  • if a mortal becomes a god, they die and become a god

and now, time for a non-exhaustive list of shit they’ve done so you guys can form more opinions on this guy:

  • two lesser gods (whose duty was to take care of the mortals) neglected their duties, causing another god to destroy them and get them replaced. after this incident, Destruction grew harsher on the other lesser gods, to the point that a pair of gods (who’s supposed to work together/be partners) grew a bitter and destructive rivalry
  • a pair of gods even tried killing Destruction because they’ve been actively detrimental to the lesser gods’ mental state, but failed
  • at one point, Creation went into a slumber bc they’re pretty tired of all the shit that went down after they created their first world. Destruction then destroyed the pair of gods (whose rivalry grew bitter and heavily destructive because of them) out of the belief that they’re the ones who pushed Creation to that point, and the impact of killing those two gods was enough to kill two more lesser gods, whose deaths inflicted a curse upon the worlds (the curse takes the form of a fantasy epidemic) (the curse is lifted by having their missing spots in the pantheon filled)
  • went to a world, chose a mortal who’s apathetic about everything, killed them, and made them a god. then said apathetic god eventually found the other mortal who wanted them dead, accidentally made them a god, then boom the curse (from the last bullet point) is lifted
  • Destruction has been tasked to destroy the God of Creation several times, by the God of Creation themself, but never succeeded. Destruction isn’t very happy about being unable to carry out this request. But at the same time, they also believed Creation should continue to exist and be happy again.
  • Destruction once created and had a human vessel they used to bring forth destruction. and Destruction eventually gave this vessel their own mind—but Destruction didn’t really teach them how to gain control over their destructive powers. Destruction just left this guy on the world and let them cluelessly navigate the world while they accidentally fuck shit up
so yeah what’s your thoughts on the god of destruction
  • this guy’s unhinged. (negative)
  • this guy’s unhinged. (positive)
  • honestly i kinda get them. go girl go fuck shit up
  • honestly i kinda understand them but this guy needs some form of therapy
  • what’s with this guy and the god of creation
  • i don’t think i’d want to be anywhere close to this guy.
  • i can fix them
  • i can make them worse
  • i want to put them under a microscope and study them
  • can i kill this guy.
  • ok yeah i like this guy
  • what the fuck is going on in your god pantheon
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(god of time, god of creation, god of destruction’s human forms in that order)


what would happen here if someone used an interchange potion

idk the spirit changes their form