Boats in AO

so assuming we get those massive frigates and galleons.

and assuming that we can build it in specific ways

imma be zooming around the sea with max speed and turning at 100 mph

i swear if the customization system turns into some type crazy stuff with the health, defense, max health, bullet damage and body damage…


all i want

but fr tho i wanna be able to put shit at the front too (like a animal) :nod: i care about looks a lot

bruh that’d be lit

imagine just sailing around in the sea and then seeing this massive thing pop up in the distance with the mouth open as it rams into your rowboat-

Me wearing my sunken warrior set and my deluxe cutlass coming to redwake

It’s over…

says Percivale_Barion as the water around him surges into the air and crashes into Redwake completely destroying and ravagin-

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