Boss Rush

Boss Rush
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On Sandfall island (or somewhere else idk) there is a Grand Mirage, which you can interact with to start the Mirage Tournament. This is a boss rush that spans every boss in the Bronze Sea. Earlier bosses will have health and damage scaled up.

Shura (3000 HP)
Iris (3000 HP)
Elius (3500 HP)
Argos (3500 HP)
Cernyx (4000 HP)
Carina (4000 HP)
Calvus (4500 HP)

This will teleport you to a new place but you can bring a party with you. You can only do this after beating the story plus Cernyx fight.

Boss drop rates are much higher. Each win guarantees two non boss drops as well as a chance for a rare ability or an enchantment scroll.

Winning gives you a random boss drop and a chance for another, and a high chance for a rare scroll or weapon


there’s no real point to this

if you want refights there’s that Mirror Shards suggestion

seems a little much for just beating scaled up bosses
none of them were hard on the first fight besides calvus and the only difference now is that you have better gear, more skill and more abilities so it seems pretty effortless

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Idk about the rewards but a boss rush definitely would be fun, and its also and endgame content so players wont get bored as quickly after finishing the story of a sea when the next sea isnt out, or if it is out this would be just a fun addition. Would like to see something like that for each sea tbh.

boss rush from omori???

I mean, this could be good. A boss rush could be a little… uh… out of tune with the story though.

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