Boss Spells and Techniques

Boss Spells and Techniques
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Details/background on your proposal

For bosses that use magic or fighting styles allow them to drop scrolls that have spells that they use during their boss fight(to an extent)

Reason to add/change

This is so that non weapon builds have a reason to grind bosses and feel like they have a sense of progression when fighting and progressing the story almost as if they are actually growing.
These wouldn’t be super crazy moves and would likely be relatively toned down versions of boss skills. For example Carina’s one axe slash like move or Calvus’s tracking orbs(this would have to be severely toned down but you get the point)


Hell nah. We(mages) are better than them. They grind bossess, we do case openning.

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nah im a full mage and i quite enjoy bullying carinas family, tho i do like the idea of more items

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When you think about bosses, it’s pretty weird that their drops are either for all builds (Armor & Accessories) or weapons only (Weapons)
Literally anytime I get a weapons drop from a boss or trade I usually send to my Conjurer file because its the only one that cares

not scrolls call them memories or something like that

elius’ lightning (could change depending on your magic) teleport would be hella broken in pvp :trol:

Please I wanna spam calvus nukes on my Rodolf Hilton file

as card system

This is such a cool idea, but I feel like these should start dropping from carina and upwards from there, since getting a spell from elius would be either useless until higher levels or way too overpowered.

yes give me carina tp now

Ah yes the calvus pillar move

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sounds cool

goku instant transmission

We already have flash strike and mirrored river, I don’t think it would be too op

technically it would cus mages would get more combat options and we dont want that, in fact make mages so nerfed they have to walk around with a wheelchair lol

Eh, I’m not sure. This would be cool for bosses that have unique attacks, though that’s not very many right now. (also I’m pretty sure carina’s axe slash is an already existing move) But it’s still a cool concept!

In the lore, it could be you learning their moves as you fight them, and that could explain you getting stronger even though the story has parts that don’t include any training

AS cards lets goooo

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