Boss Themes Headcannons?

I was looking at the trello and suddenly i was thinking, what song would suit each boss?

Anyways what is your person headcannon for each boss themes


Prayer Song to God (Francisca & Flamberge Battle) - Kirby Star Allies Music - YouTube

Sky Boss

Cuphead OST - Aviary Action [Music] - YouTube
Alien Victory - YouTube

Forest of Cernunno Boss

Hollow Knight OST - Dung Defender - YouTube

Fort Talos Boss

Naktigonis - Sin-Smelted Scoriae (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube

Commodore Kai

Terraria Calamity Mod Music - "Guardian of The Former Seas" - Theme of Desert Scourge - YouTube

Also somebody pls tell me how to embed videos i have no fucking clue

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true asf
say what you want about deepwoken but the music goes HARD



so trueeeee

shura, iris, elius, cernyx, argos, kai

paste the link and do double space (i think)

My theme headcanon for bosses I have absolutely no idea about:


Day of Fate ~Spirit VS Spirit~ (feat. Paulo Cuevas & Ani Djirdjirian) - YouTube


Legends Never Die - YouTube


The Resistance - YouTube


Indestructible - YouTube


Imagine Dragons - Warriors - YouTube

all of these probably got the wrong vibe to em but /shrug this is just what I think given what little I know with the few songs I do know :person_shrugging:

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Commondore Kai isn’t a boss

Iris gets this music and you can’t argue with me

idk what he is but he seems unique enough to me to get a boss theme

Holy shit that added iris from AO into megaman 4 :scream:

Ngl lie even if I love the deep woken soundtrack. If that was the song. WARS WILL BE STARTED

he’s basically captain morgan or something (corrupt navy guy)

I genuinely think he’s just the head of the bronze sea gravy base, that’s all it is
I don’t think he’s a boss or anything, just a higher level npc with a drop similar to the guard captains from aa and the dudes who spawned on ag islands

If Big V has a grudge against the Mega Man series after I keep talking about it on here I have an alternative

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Epic self-necrobump anyways since new boss is being made here is my headcannon based on just her title alone

Lady Carina

It's Pronounced "Rules" (Vs. Rouxls Kaard) - Deltarune: Chapter 2 Music Extended - YouTube

the main sex symbol and SUCH THEME?!

im like it


Necrobumped updated for final boss

Final Boss

[東方自作アレンジ] Idola Deus [原曲:偶像に世界を委ねて 〜 Idoratrize World(Entrusting this World to Idols)] - YouTube

Also changed the sky boss one since after seeing the trailer, it was nothing like i imagined :smiley: