Brig is finished based on patreon

As I could see from the little bits of patreon it’s finished and it will have 12 whole cannons ON EACH SIDE AND A RAM SLOT OH MY GOD


So straight upgrade except speed prob, I don’t mind tho lol

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Cant wait to live in my ship, tho this makes ship of the line truly interesting since according to some history about them, they mostly have 150 cannons on each side

That would be very funny with grapeshot


AO’s ships are just upgrades from one another technically

Ketch would be the fastest though, this one might be the same speed as a caravel if not slower

Better speed than caravel but less than ketch, its purpose is for fighting after all instead of cargo trading like ketch

12 cannons on each side is absolutely ridiculous, this is gonna eat up cannonballs as well as the enemy ships

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There must be some nasty things in the dark sea in the next update :skull:


that one ravenna escape quest boutta get 10 times harder

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this is the only thing i didnt think of, vetex must buff cannonballs from chests

Ngl, I think it is going to be faster than the ketch. Going off a previous statement I heard somewhere of the frigate being better than the ketch in every way.

With this being the stand in for the Frigate, which has probably been moved further on in ship progression.

The ships that diverge from the brig seem like the point at which we will see ships that are faster or slower. Otherwise we will just see improvement upon improvement of one ship to the other for now.

oh god a faster ship? that would be insane especially with light rams (i still cant understand why a ship with 26 cannons gets a ram but i aint complaining)

It better cost a fuck ton with all those new features its bringing to the table

prob will, 10k is what i thought but its looking like 20 or even 25k

Thats what I imagine, considering we don’t even have a clipper yet.

25k is the best possible outcome

better start grinding

How the fuck do we go from 4 cannons on each side to 12 Jesus Christ :sob:

P sure Vetex wanted to add Atlanteans or something like that, ships presumably of monsters in the dark sea

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