Brig showcase thread

ill go first

high turning for ship combat, high speed and resilience to zoom in the dark seas, lower hp because i know how to press g

Durability, because pressing g isn’t enough for me. Those waves are not damaging my ship.

bro get outspeeded by rowboats :cold_face:

Better than a rowboat having more health than you

damn, my 3k hp 250 spd brig can’t compete with that

How much does warship archaic sails give speed?

31 speed and 13% resilience

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What about brisk sails?


it is not perfect but it is mine and that is good enough for me (I really need to enchant my attachments)

someone should make a ship builder like the gear builder


I agree, i had the same thought


legit the only screenshot I have of the actual boat is:

it’s also running Enhanced Dragonfire Carronades and archaic mortar

30k durability is insane

also, an earlier screenshot

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