Bring back #guilds:guild-recruitment (To a certain extent)

Before you get extremely angry with me for bringing up the return of a category which, did have some good reasons to be closed until Arcane Odyssey, I ask you to actually pay attention to my argument, as I assure you I have some reasonable points which could convince you to actually agree with my own argument.
Note: I referred to clans as guilds throughout this entire thing.

I don’t think I need to further reiterate what the title of this thread is, I want #guilds:guild-recruitment to be reopened, in this topic, I am going to try and bring up my own reasonable argument on why this category should be reopened. (If you read further on, I’m not asking for it to be opened immediately, but I’ll leave you to read it)

As I hope you’re aware, Arcane Odyssey is in fact not out, but, in no way, shape or form, does this mean guilds for it already exist, I could probably give countless examples of guilds which in fact are still stable and have some form of activity, even though Arcane Odyssey is yet to release. This was very much the same case for the time period before WoM’s release, where you would still have a large amount of guilds with a large member capacity, focusing on growing their own community before the game would be out. Why am I bringing this up? I’m bringing up this because, arguably, there’s probably countless more guilds (including small guilds with little to no recognition) which have if anything, some sort of community preparing for AO, or heavily anticipating it. (I’m aware that this argument is very weak, I’m not going to actually prepare a decent argument for a category on a lego game forum)

As I mentioned previously, I am not asking for these changes to be immediate, and, by miracle, this hypothesised reintroduction of #guilds:guild-recruitment, if you’re an absolute trello maniac, you’re probably aware of the following items on Vetex’s To-Do list.


What could a potential guild (I’m not going to call them clans, fuck you) revamp could change for the entire guild community, or just the concept in general is unknown to me, but, if it does change anything drastic about the guild system, in theory, wouldn’t it create a very small increase in individuals possibly wanting to make guilds? If that would be the case (which, if it isn’t, you can ignore this entire topic, go about your day and pretend I didn’t exist), it would mean that newer guilds would need to seek out a community of like minded individuals (that being WoM players at the moment), now, what is the only way to recruit for a guild at the moment, which doesn’t involve DM’ing randoms, leeching and recruiting people in World of Magic (actually, there’s probably countless other ways, but let’s ignore this for the strength of my own argument), yes, you guessed it, there’s absolutely nothing, except, if potentially, guild recruitment reopened.

If you’re at this point, not only do I need to congratulate you for reading me waffle about why i need guild recruitment open because my guild is dying why I want guild recruitment opened, and how it could benefit small and large guilds alike, you’re probably hopefully thinking, “Forums are dead, nobody is going to check guild recruitment.”, now, first of all, guild recruitment probably used to be one of the most popular topics out there, due to newgens (myself included) constantly searching for guilds to join, or guilds which suit their own personal interests, with that being closed, an entire segment of the forum community if you would even consider the absolute asshats who come on the forums once every day to post their 900 word long essay on why their small ass guild which can’t even reach 10 infamy and think they’re better than leaderboard guilds, although, they’re really just absolute idiots who everybody is probably feeling second hand embarrassment for because of how absolutely dense they are became more desolate, going to the point that even the #guilds category has become even more bland.

I’d have really enjoyed not rushing this topic, as I find the topic of bringing back #guilds:guild-recruitment quite interesting. If there was an actual reason why guild recruitment was closed, feel free to inform me. and laugh at me whilst my topic gets closed and i get a 50 year ban from forums for being an absolute skill issue
Unrelated note, I’m now in love with the fucking crossed out text shit it’s absolutely amazing oh my god I can be so expressive with it.


Counterargument: Skill issue :smiling_imp:


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