Bronze sea explorer #888

After trying to get a limestone key chart for a week straight i finally got it

I feel as if im the only person in the world who can get limestone key treasure charts without trying, every other island is a different matter though.
Literally each treasure chart is either Ravenna, Shell or a small island I already have

I’m almost there, hoping I get in before 1000

how difficult is it? Do you have to 100% every island?

yup, gl getting charts for insanity island, sandfall, and limestone

im at like 70% the hard ones are so hard

the only hard part is the shark quest at shell and getting all the charts

Lol these are literally the only things I have left, I need 1 more shark and charts for 5 more islands

I’ve got 91% and I need treasure charts for

  • Keep
  • Forest
  • Frostmill
  • Palo town
  • 2x Windrow
  • Harvest
  • 2x Garden

And I also need a bunch of chests and items collected on the sky islands but I’m too lazy to do that