Bronze Sea Explorer

In my opinion, the hardest part was the 400 hunger meal and kill 3 sharks quest, along with getting charts for small islands like Akursius.

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Yeah, I still have yet to get a single treasure map for Elm Island, Palo Town and Akursius

Nah, this is the hardest quest

You get that naturally while doing all the island chart requirements, unless you’re very unlucky.

that quest is fairly easy to the point i forgot/didn’t notice i had even completed it

me after finishing multiple treasure charts and still have it

“for Elm Island”

Praying for you
I’ve gotten Bronze Sea Explorer twice and the first time Harvest/Munera haunted me, second time Elm Island was my worst nightmare until a friend pointed out they had an Elm Island chart

Was basically on my last bit of sanity for the first time but it was(n’t) worth it because first 50 to get

one of us


some wack rng