Bruh, for real? :sleeper:

imagine trying to cash in on a recent thing that was popular

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Ah, Roblox Simulators. They’re just the same book with different covers, and the book was made by someone having a seizure and on fire at the same time. You can’t get much more accurate than that.

ok buddy

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Unique isn’t exactly a word to describe simulators, huh? They’re all the exact same thing, Pay-to-Win, low-effort, and garbage. I wish ROBLOX had REAL simulators instead of these pathetic mockeries.

yeah! like rock simulator, a real simulator.

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I mean the copy and paste simulators with a never-ending “store” tab.

i mean, theres bee swarm simulator and ghost simulator.

and theres also this masterpiece


Yes, I play bee swarm simulator. It’s a lot like other simulators, but it’s much less pay to win. You can buy your way through the game, but it’s much more expensive. BSS is much more immersive also.

Search up “Simulator” on games. Almost every game you will find near the top are copy-pastes of eachother. Even sadder, people get real money from this crap.

at least gang up on people simulator was made for fun

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Yes, since that’s an ACTUAL simulator. It’s simulating something. Unlike almost every other “simulator”, which are exactly the same, low effort, pay to win, grindy. The only thing they’re simulating is how braindead most of the Roblox community is.