Buff boats

Why is swimming faster than a boat(at least faster than a good ping caravel, because with bad ping a caravel is still slower than swimming)?

Either make boats faster or make it so that boats aren’t affected by ping or FPS.

boats slow down as they take damage. Even if boats are slower than your swimming boats don’t cost stamina to move. (except rowboat)

Boats are faster the more hp they have.
Simply just go to a shipwright

also ketch with swift reinforced wooden hull and swift hemp sailcloth is faster than pretty much everything
also with sailors

Great you reminded me I need to enchant my ship parts

mmmm yes boat

Swimming is faster than a Caravel? I find that hard to believe.

Your ship is probably damaged. Your ship goes slower when damaged and if you don’t repair it, it will be as slow as swimming. So, go repair your ship.

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my caravel is like 3x faster than my swimming speed, you must have a really slow caravel or it must be dmged
or you caravel is somehow lagging? idk

My caravel moves at 1 meter per second(not an exaggeration, it’s the truth)

repair it

you sure its not damaged? Or maybe you have cannons that make it way slower? ive got like 76 speed on mine

It’s at 60 HP, no cannons

But even then, I remember on my ice conjuror file I tried to compare swimming with the boat, and my boat still moved at 1 meter per second( at 2900 HP)

no cannons when I did the test

That makes sense

This doesnt tho. There must be another reason why your caravel is that slow

I had about 8 FPS

It got a bit faster after my frames went to 20 FPS, but it was still unimaginably slow(I think maybe 5 meters per second? other people with caravels always seem to go past me, even if they don’t have any upgrades)

REPAIR YOUR BOAT stop mistreating it smh

I have 2 galleons bruh

stop running into castaway platforms