Buff cannon fist style

Or at least make it something more than just throwing cannonballs. 90% of the time those won’t land in PvP

cannon fist

basic combat

That’s all I’ll say

i mean i made an attack speed juggernaut with cannon fist and I deal 193 w/ power focus using an m1 so I think it’s pretty good

one, thats canon fist’s maxed stats (heavy canon balls)

the damage reduction is likely due to having a range projectile and basic is all round most situation magic

just assume everyone runs with heavy exploding shells at this point, i transferred like 3k to my cfist file

  • high damage
  • decent speed and size
    this doesn’t need a buff, you just need to learn to accept how good it is

no they were talking about how basic is better than canon

then maybe they should’ve said that instead of this
like how are you even supposed to get that message from this post?
(but cannon fist is still pretty powerful because you can spam click)

Strength substitute to bow in pve

if you’re not using grapeshot or heavy explosive shells on cfist you’re not playing cfist right

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one does not post something without giving an explanation

have you seen the other fighting style’s stats? Basic Combat is incredibly balanced, maybe because it is, oh i dont know, supposed to be an all rounder fighting style? if anything you should divert your attention to boxing!

how is canon fist bad? it’s range is enough especially when paired with it’s massive attack size (10 studs radius with normal canonballs, 100 attack size in armor stats)

i meant buff cannon lol

Hmm, i didnt know the cannon ball projectiles were affected by attack size.

I’m pretty sure they don’t

he shows 583 size m1s vs 0 size m1s and they look the same

Projectiles ain’t, but explosion AOE of those are

Make them make explosive cannonballs afflict charred