Buff glass sfx pls

Make the enemies ears literally bleed to the point where they cant play the game and have to get up and leave.

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So basically add a shockwave around glass spells bigger than their normal AoE that only inflicts bleed
I like seeing things literally

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LOL thats a great idea

so basically sound magic? bet

No… this is not the right way.
Instead we must make it a special status effect from being directly hit by glass that plays an excessively loud, high pitched, and slowed down glass impact sound continuously over 600 seconds, of course this status effect pauses its duration if you reset your character or rejoin the game.
It will also force your volume to max no matter what measures you take against it.
You will suffer for 10 minutes

Oh my god yes

If you’re outside of the AoE of any glass attack, but can still hear the sound, your character should take a bleed status effect except the blood drops come from the sides of your character’s head.
Also continuous high pitched noise because that happens when you go deaf.

yes, this will do nicely