Buff plasma!

Most magics are balanced right now, but plasma has been in a bad spot as of recently. It’s completely outclassed by lightning, shadow, and even overshadowed by wind and fire, which aren’t that good to begin with.

Here are plasmas’ stats:

1.3x speed
1x size
0.825x damage
a decent dot (but still the second lowest damaging one)
Here are wind’s stats:
1.4x speed
1.2x size
0.825x damage

Here are lightnings stats:
1.5x speed
1x size
0.9x damage

here are shadows stats:
1.2x speed
1.1x size
0.95x damage

here are lights stats:
1.8x speed
1x size
0.85x damage
a blind and a self synergy

even with its dot, plasma is outclassed by nearly every magic thanks to its low damage. I don’t feel that it should have a stats buff, but I do feel like its imbue damage should be buffed. Currently, imbuing it results in lower damage, lower size, with the only benifit being a ~10% speed buff. If you were to imbue lightning instead, you can get a 25% speed buff, the same size, and up to a 1.1x damage buff depending on what it’s imbued with. Plasma should be buffed from 0.875x imbue damage to 0.9-0.925x imbue damage, to help even it with some of these magics.
:plasma_magic_var1: :plasma_magic_var2:

get fucked lmfao-
remember my friend uses it
uh yeah buff it please

wait hold on wdym plasma deals the same dmg as wind ( not counting dot ) :sob:

both of em have 0.825x damage
also it turns out light has 0.85x damage + the self synergy

Verdies didnt die for this

i mean doesn’t plasma make up for it’s poor stats with plenty of good synergies?

it’s got pretty average synergies, I’d say that fire’s and lightnings are both better. Its scorched status effect can be a good damage buff for other magics but it lasts very short and it can be hard to get that boost

yeah nvm i just looked at the synergy list and plasma is def outclassed by fire and lightning, i support a buff :+1:

I just want an imbue buff really, I don’t want it to be shadow 2.0.

just buff the base plasma damage to 0.85 or 0.875 and it should be good

it’s not that bad since the DoT deals like 30% of an attacks damage in a very quick amount of time and it’s faster than shadow but I wouldn’t mind maybe a small damage buff to make hit hit harder

(also I’m pretty sure lightning’s damage was actually nerfed recently)

the balance trello nerfs the damage to 0.875 I believe

Plasma has pretty decent speed, synergies, and silly gimmicks with poison clouds.

IMO its good for what it does, it already received a buff in the past.
Plasma’s damage with DoT, found this on the AO wiki (not sure if its true but it seems like it)

The magic itself is fine, but it could really use a buff to its imbue. The imbue got nerfed to give +0.05 damage on imbue instead of 0.075 which isn’t needed (considering it’s tied to be the second lowest impact damage in the game). If it was buffed to 0.9x or 0.925x damage on imbue so that it’s actually worth imbuing then I feel it would be in a good spot.

Bro plasma is good its just the noise it makes is obnoxious thats why no one plays it

Plasma conj and plasma locke are really good idk what ur talking about T_T

a fix to the stupid noise would be equivalent to doubling every stat it has

ONG :100: :100: :100:

i made a plasma conj file but i cant stand it anymore bro T_T

Perhaps, but do keep in mind plasma has insane damage potential if its dot is used properly, so “the second lowest damaging dot in the game” is misleading

yea doesn’t plasma deal like 30% of your attack’s damage in a really quick amount of time?

so in theory if you used a really strong attack like an ult art…

yup, 10% per second for 3 seconds, so like you said if you hit an ult art and refresh the dot you’ll deal insane damage per second

So plasma has inconsistent but very high damage potential which makes it risky to buff