BUG fighsing .41 merchant bug


only person i know who is active here, sorry

and it’s 5 am or earlier cause australia lol

What’s the bug?

think carefully about what’s happened to fishing lately and what the merchant is selling

oh I see it now
they probably forgot to update the merchants item pool

can you actually have the fish bait in your inventory lmfao

maybe; idk whether a rejoin would reset it though, it’d be cool for the shop balance for your merchant deckhand to save too + suggestion

wtf is this

The weapon of whoever this is

cement eater

The wielder of the concrete curse

  1. Bug Reports
  2. F9 logs (not really necessary here, but have some taken anyway)

he wants his weapon back

I don’t have it I swear. The merchant has it go ask them about it.

I have like 305 after my 3400 got wiped. I didnt even notice for a while, until i saw that my fishing rod wasnt using bait.

Think this bug is known?? Either way f9 logs are required and its a lot better if you report this on the Discord instead

Also who said i was active here :sob: