Bug on surrendering

Moves that you can not move while doing them so blast attack, beam, or explosion makes you stand still where you surrendered untill you finish the move. When you do finish this move you will get sent to prison.

Moves that you can move around while doing like t jump or magic jump make you go into prison and then when you release the button you’re holding you will preform the action then get teleported to another jail cell.

Shielding , holding shift, emotes - shielding makes you go to jail but when you stop shielding you will teleported to another prison. Holding shift just charges your magic while in jail. Doing an emote in jail let’s you do the animation in jail until you move or get out of prison.

Wow, good job. Hopefully some testers will see this and report some of them.

I think all of those that put you in jail after the spells finish are intentional. I know it’s been possible to surrender while casting a spell which makes you spawn into a cell in the state you were in while casting the spell.
What I mean is, if you surrender while casting a spell in water, like in a fountain after causing a threat on purpose, you would spawn in jail while still swimming, allowing you to swim through the air.

All of those that send you to another cell after the spell is finished are likely the consequence of the game trying to wait for you to finish casting your spell, and then send you to jail, to prevent the air swimming glitch from happening.

Phew, that was a lotta text, but I think that’s the explanation for all but the last one, which I’ve never heard about personally.

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