Build question

Im doing a crystal warlock build.What should i use?

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there is always the tried and true crystal iron leg, which should be of reasonable power when crystalized gets changed

dont let people prevent you from doing the build you think is cool though :nod:

i was gonna go crystal mage but mage got nerfed so i choose the next best option

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Make a new file

just use whatever you want, there’s no best option

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Crystal paired with iron leg is a pretty famous (or infamous) combo, and I’ve heard that it’s pretty fun to play due to how powerful it is. Beware though, there are a fair amount of people that look down on users of this combination

yeah if stat reroll comes backa gian i might change it to a conjurer but i already have a conjuerer slot idk if i should.I heard crystal magic pairs decently well with weapons idk

im prob gonna change my crystal slot to conjuerer just bc warlock is kinda not intresting and change my other conjuerer slot(plasma) to a warlock.IDk what fighting style to choose tho


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what’s wrong with plasma warlock blud? we gonna have a problem wise guy?

nothing i just meant crystal warlock is kinda not intresting.If i didn’t like warlock as a whole i wouldn’t change my plasma slot to warlock

i would change it rn but i already used my stat reroll

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