Building Update

Now I know the forum is about to explode because of the new fighting update, but I am personally kind of sad that the building update is being delayed. Guilds are going to be somewhat bland without the building aspect, at least for me. I think that the building update shouldn’t have been pushed so far back. However I do think that the fighting update was needed for both guilders and non guilders. What do you guys think?

It should have been pushed back so far. Imagine trying to fit all these guilds into such a small map. It didn’t even feel like it should have been added right after guilds, it just didn’t seem right

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That does make sense, we probably should wait for more space on the map before we go and build structures in every plot of clear land imaginable.

Another thing to keep in mind is diversity, once the building update comes around, a good hunk of the map will be done with more regions and biomes to place your guild hall as well as, at least, one more culture to choose from. Though guilds will have a smaller presence now that it’s so far away.

In fact, I wonder what the next culture is going to be. Has vetex already said which culture will be added next?

I’ve asked this before and, according to others, canopians might be added next.

hopefully fighting styles synergy with weapons, otherwise its just a dif type of weapon :pensive:

Finally, I’ve been waiting to hear this. I always knew something about the building update felt off, and now I finally get it. The map is just too god damn small, that’s right. We’ll need more regions to properly enjoy that update.

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Agreed. Region capturing and building sounds awesome and will likely be awesome, but the current map is too small. We’ll likely get the swamp and canopian areas or maybe even the savarian areas, which will likely give us a lot more space.

This is what I’m talking about btw

Thinking those three areas could be maybe added over the course of those updates.

rockhollow too

guild update, more like internet points update

The build update is all about PvP, which the fighting update will expand