Burgertowns food for ely service shop

Burgertowns food for ely service shop
convenience 5.0 2 fairness 0.0 0 trustworthiness 0.0 0

500 ingredients - 30 minutes of elysium server
700 - 50 minutes of elysium
1000 ingredients - 1 hour and 20 minutes of elysium
1500 ingredients - 2 hours and 30 minutes of elysium
Mainly looking for common ingredients, like brown and white mushrooms, apples and bananas
Will not take oranges, green apples, grapes or sky pumpkins as valid ingredients

i actually have no clue if im allowed to do this so ill close it if not

Chat is this legal

wtf :skull:

mf is running an illegal trading ring

hella nice tho, its an elysium renting service

dont close it its funny

I need this, please give me 30 mins :pray:

na sum testers sell ely for 5k ur good

Shut up ur ruinijg my buisness

what do you plan to do with all the ingredients?

hes gonna cook

I wanna be angry for gatekeeping but this is a good and funny idea

whats “ely” or “elysium”

Elysium’s an exclusive pvp arena that testers and above can open:
(Image credits to @/arlyborg and @/PeeEssFor )