But why tho

tbf the french number system is kinda fucked up anyway, it goes fifty, sixty, sixty-ten, four-twenties, four-twenties-ten, hundred


yea, cinquante (50), soixante (60), soixante-dix (60-10 [70]), quatre-vingts (4-20s [80]), quatre-vingt-dix (4-20-10 [90]), cent (100)

I understood absolutely none of that.

At the end of the day, it got replaced by the HK416 recently for the French Army

all weapons will converge to an ar15 or any derivatives that look like the ar15

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I know every language has its odd quirks but dear god that is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while for a major language


you hate the ar15 because it is fearmongered to be the killer of schoolchildren across the states

i hate the ar15 because it is hailed as perfection and has stagnated innovation in the industry

we are not the same

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what is bro cooking that he needs a better gun than the ar15 for :sob:

the future is now, cuh…


truly the crab of guns

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i think it’s at least fixed in swiss french, but how is the main variant gonna be like that

Wouldn’t you like to know

Absolute truth