Buying a Strong Sunken Sword

I’m looking for a Strong Sunken Sword. At the moment I will be offering:
-Hard Sunken Sword
-Swift Vastira
-Clean Vastira
-Clean WOJ
-Shitton of boss armors (clean and enchanted)
I will be looking to add Oathkeepers onto the offer if I get spares. Shoot me a DM @Convxluted🖤#0518 if you’re interested. Cheers!

My advice: stop offering for strong sunken sword

yo @Door_knob, you’re chill and all but maybe u should stop criticizing posts so often. . especially considering what some of yours are

i think we should all understand that just because someone posts an offer they dont automatically claim that it’s a fair offer. ive already seen u get into pointless arguments with ppl . .

ive posted tons of trades and stuff that weren’t fair and i never stated they were fair. point and case; let people post their trades. its one thing to just say something like, “not a good deal,” to warn people who might do the trade but stop being so entitled and arrogant with your comments.

sorry if i come across as rude, im not trying to start any pointless disputes here, ive just been seeing u do this a lot recently.

i already got this trade done i got a trader

i already finished the trade lol

your trade was arguably worse, and idk what “trade” you’re talking about, im just saying chill with the criticism

My offers Seem Worth but aren’t, Your offers Dont seem worth and really aren’t

Your offers are straight up asking for profit

you really dont get my point here, it’s not about who makes better offers. it’s about your mentality with how you literally disrespect every post you deem unfair.

you’re being unnecessary and annoying, and i think most would agree. didnt you already learn your lesson with @Arctic, you literally embarassed yourself hardcore


wdym embarrased

i dont see how he won that argument

literally go reread the trade, you’re the biggest hypocrite on the forums. you literally tell other peoples their trades are clear profit when yours are the exact same. and it’s sad how you were vouching on @DoubleRun and he literally told you that you got flamed…

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Stop writing in essays like an english teacher

dude all im telling u is to stop going on peoples posts and being disrespectful when you literally make garbage offers yourself. i can link a bunch of you want man

How so? he never said he didnt agree with me

How do u think i profit if my prices arent similar to most

You stopped typing because i have a point

i dont see how my writing has any relevance to this argument. now you’re just trying to insult me.
no i stopped typing because my friend was texting me but ok

sigh we shouldnt continue this here, ill make a post in the trading discussion category and we can talk there :+1:

Clearly you stopped because what you were about to say had something related to my point
Now your making excuses