Buying arcsphere for fair power amulet + adds

username: tadetadetade2

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What adds exactly?

Boss drops preferably, but you can also ask for something and ill see if I have it

Alr, I’ll pass since I wasn’t too interested in the first place, but I was curious what the adds were. Good luck. :+1:

Just making sure, is the power amu clean?

Sorry for the late response, yes it is

dw about it
and for the adds do you have a hard cernyx robe or strong carina pants?

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ill check for you and tell you

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okay i have it

join me at tadetadetade2 if you wanna make the trade

ok ill be back later

didnt receive any notification so i didnt see your message my bad

respond to this comment or dm on discord: Nuclearman7#9970 and ill be able to respond way faster

ty @toplamp for liking my comment otherwise i legit wouldnt have known he had responded

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