Buying Hard Exiled Chestplate, I Am Willing To Offer A Power Exiled Chestplate

If This Is Not Enough To Bargain, Then I Can Include A Strong Exiled Boots.

DM Me On Discord If interested : Sonicrush01#3980

I’m pretty sure Hard Exiled Chestplate is better than powerful exiled chestplate. Maybe with the adds though, but with the Power enchant on them you can’t be too sure.

Depends on the person, some people don’t care for the hard Exiled Chestplate because the way they are trying to get a hybrid build doesn’t use this

Yeah, that’s true. We’ll have to see if anyone accepts.

Hard Exiled Chestplate is worth more then powerful.

using exiled armour for a defense+power hybrid build is trash lol, regular wizard armour is the ultimate option

be chad and use powerful sunken armor :spit:

The best sunken armour hybrid build for power+defense has a 53 power cap, so no-
-chino sadame

just dont use armor :shrug:

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