Buying iron Armor set with hard enchantment

I am looking for an Iron Armor set, with the hard enchantment, preferably level 90. Also I will buy an Defense Amulet (Dull), WITH the hard enchantment. Willing to pay top price for both.

Contact: A Random Guy#7873

i have both what r u gonna give

700 crowns for the amulet and chest plate. Sound good?

thats superr low

How much you want then? @NotYourTypicalDrugDe

do u have any items?

I do what would you like?

whats ur best item u have

Best? I got a Hard vistarian spear, a Nimble power amulet, a strong defense amulet, all max and dull.

ill just give u the iron armor for free



join me GhostIyLemon capital i instead of L

Alright then. I just give crowns as well.

I’m in.

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