Buying red wizard hat for vanity

looking to buy a red wizard hat. will offer 200 crowns or more

do you have smoke arrows? i have a clean red hat

only 33 thats it sadly

do you ahve anything like extra strong power amulets?

hm how about bursting grey wizard hat? a wizard hat for a wizard hat

Sorry but bursting isn’t a great enchantment on a hat, therefore making it less valued than a clean hat. do you have any hard wizard gear or strong ones?

sorry, no i do not…

yeo i got a red wizard hat clean, i’ll give it to you if you got any black/white/gray accessories. i really want black valk, or a black cape

tbh im pretty new so i only have a gray bursting wizard hat. some guy told me my offer isnt worth a red wizard hat but if u want it, i’ll give it to u

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