Buying,Selling,Trading Things ADD MY DISCORD (look at description)

Selling and Trading away items Level are in parenthesis

10x Knockback Amulets Dull (60)
Swift Red Wizard Robe (50)

Nimble White Wizard Pants (60)
Swift Lime Wizard Hat (60)
Keen Power Amulet Dull (60)
Swift Orange Wizard Hat (60)
3x White Masks (Varying Levels
Keen Magenta Pants (60)
Keen Teal Wizard Pants (60)
Forceful Magic Size Amulet Dull (60)
3x Poor Defense Amulets (Varying Levels)
Destructive Purple Wizard Hat (60)
Destructive White Wizard Hat(60)
Black Hood (60)
Swift Magenta Wizard Pants (60)
Lime Wizard Hat (60)
Black Tricorn Hat (60)
Lime Wizard Hat (50)
Pink Wizard Hat (50)

Bursting Defense Amulet Dull (60)

Strong Iron Chestpiece (60)
Strong White Corduroy Hat (1)
Purple Hood (60)
Pink Hood (50)
White Pirate Hat (60)
Blue Hood (60)
Grey Hood (60)

A white valkyrie
Smoke arrows

my discord is
I hate it here#1834

yo ill take the red robe and hat

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