Buying your seaweed, bones, bottles, and shells for Galleons

With the Brig releasing soon, I’m sure some of you are looking for some quick and easy cash. Look no further.

I have a stock of 250k+ Galleons that I’m willing to trade for your reagents or brewing materials.

I’ll be buying all of your common reagents or glass bottles for 8 galleons per, or for 10 galleons per if you’re trading more than 1,000 combined reagents, and all of your common seashells for 4 galleons per, or 5 per if you’re trading more than 1,500 combined catalysts.

DM pristinewarrior on Discord, join DredgenMalleus in-game, or leave a comment here if you’re interested.

Note that it may take some time to retrieve the Galleons for larger purchases. Please be patient; my schedule isn’t always open.

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