Caitlin Fanart~

Hey guys! How ya doing? Hope you guys are doing all right. I’ll try to start doing a little more art for yalls since I kinda went awol for the last 2ish years (but still lurking hehe).
This is a fanart of @tetragon_fortress 's character named Caitlin I did a while ago!
As always, have a great day, take care of yourselves, and do your best! Peace. XD


Nice, looks great!

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oh my god extremely common kwispy W love the downwards perspective

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Screenshot 2023-03-14 164447

In case you guys were wondering, Kwispy is currently on the run from a pack of wild hyenas, hence why she has been a tiny bit inactive

Very nice! (Even if I saw it months ago lol)

true news
Screenshot 2023-03-11 144248