much cake

Cake…so much cake…


This is some top-tier Edgar Allan Poe-inspired piece of art.

was the knife cake too?

me, whose discord username is Cake (Noober):
profusely sweating

why does this actually kind of scare me

Yummy Cake :flushed:

When the birthday party goes too far

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the cake is a lie

But the birthday party was just cake…

And only cake.

what if
this forum too

was cake?

How deceitful

that’s nice
i just took a bite out of my hand~
and wow- it was a cake!

it didn’t taste very good.
Red stuff started pouring out after I ripped off a part
also there was some white crunchy stuff inside as well

That red stuff is just the filling and the white cruncy stuff are just some nice wafers

I figured
I licked some of the filling off of the ground after I made the post
it was savory
and sticked to the roof of my mouth
the crunchy things were way too hard to be wafers
they reminded me of those hard candies you’d usually find handed out at hotels
these ones had a little soft treat in the middle though
it wasn’t any chocolate
it was spongy
and was a weird shade of whitish-yellow

Whitish Yellow?

Please don’t tell me you have an immune system problem, like your sick or you have a weak immune system

Right, on closer inspection it looked more red than anything
it was good.
and now my whole left hand is gone