Calvus blue attack?

If you ever fought King Calvus he uses some sort of aether magic power and for some reason sometimes in the fight he would just use a weird blue attack that knocks you back is it known what it is? if so i would like to know.

his grandfather’s curse

well i heard about it but i need more context

In phase 2 his grandfathers curse is added as an imbuement onto his attacks, this gives some of them a knockback aftershock that pushes you backwards

What Waping said
For more details, it’s the Apocalypse Bringer Sea Curse, the Sea Curse of Calvus’ grandfather. Childs of curse users get a fraction of the power of the curse of their parents

think it’s just called apocalypse now, but yea

Imagine Peacekeeper’s kids…
Imagine Freedrock’s kids…

apocalypse bringer



it was yourself

I know he’s not canon but
Imagine Torren’s kids…

Legit we do not know, we are not meant to know what exactly it is because the colors are that of several different elements.

its his

Special Attack!

now you’re blue.

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have a chance to

Nevuro exists (plsdontforgetabouthim)

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Since Neviro can’t use magic, he can’t use the curse power

magicless people can still use curse ( Duzra )

i dont think having magic or not effect whether u can use the curse fraction passed down to you since its curse fraction, not magic

Curses are magic, and even though magicless people can use curses, the same may be not true for the kids

Enizor was magicless until DS update aswell)

yeah seems like the age at which people awaken magic can be wildy varied

still, didnt it say that people born without their first mind opened can never open it naturally? how did Enizor awaken it then…

or maybe its always been opened, he just didnt have enough “stimulation” to properly wield it… or maybe it just dark sea f*ckery again