Came back to the new website look

First impressions:

I like that it’s neat and organized on the side. Might feel a little weird having everything like this but that always happens with new stuff.

I think I forgot what it looked like before, oops. But it was a good fix.

Edit: Damn everybody likes the old one better

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dude my eyes are literally going through hell trying to read the titles

tbh i prefer the old one, but maybe i just hasnt got used to the new look yet

we’ll see

You can get it to look a bit more like the old format by going to preferences → interface then setting default home page to ‘categories’


brooo you’re a real one, while new layout was growing on me I just prefer the more organized and “main hub” vibe of the old format

I liked the old website more, if I’m being honest.

I haven’t really used the features of the weird side thing and I feel like I don’t really need to.

I’m indifferent about it, though I do like the old homepage better though.