Came to say

Why is all of frostmill Breakable? this makes the iris bossfight, SO PROBLAMATIC

This is a mere example, so all i ask, is make frostmill Breakable to a Certain amout LIKE THE REST OF THE ISLANDS

it’s a big ice cube
of course it’s going to break easily if the person doing the breaking has the power of the fricking sun.

I honestly never understood why some people hate the destruction so much. I’ve never had any problems with it, and it makes my fights more immersive and epic.

ah yes because it’s very realistic to get stuck between 0.2 inches worth of carpet that is so rock solid you can’t jump out of it and calvus bombards you with attacks that you can’t even see

or glitching into the floor when it regenerates mid fight against someone like cernyx and lagging so unbelievably hard that you’d think you’re running roblox on a potato with with a monitor.

The terrain regeneration timer should be stopped while there are people with a combat tag in the area.
it’s the only actual annoying part about terrain destruction

yea, this happening in the elius and calvus fights is the only problem i have terrain destruction, though it could be fixed by just making those pieces intangible so you can go through them

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Let it burn.

It’s not, only the edges are.
It just so happens Iris is very good at finding those edges and places explaining her way all the way to oblivion.

What I was talking about is she just tunnels her way down and then uses ‘Flare Eruption’ to hit me while she’s underground. Making it impossible to finish the fight. (Flare Eruption is a pillar attack meaning it hits from any height)

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