Can a lvl 1 catch an SS?

i want to get one but i dont want to play the game

Yeah, with enough patience and fish bait

You won’t be able to defend yourself against any npcs or players that attack you though

You can only get sunkens when you reach lvl 50 since lvl 50 is the minimum level to use and also obtain sunkens


Reaching lvl 50 wont take you that long if you know what youre doing anyways. Find a code that gives you 2x xp and then grind some quests and youll be lvl 50 in a maximum of 3 hours (unless youre really unlucky with quest spawns)


no since the sword’s minimum level is 50
if you are under level 50, you’ll still have an notification for when you are supposed to get a sunken item (Sunken Treasure Caught with blue text instead of just Treasure caught), but its just gonna be a random item under or equal to your current level


Oh damn didn’t know that, haven’t fished for long on a level 1 account

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pretty sure people know that since it was put on the trello at the time of wom or was mentioned when sunkens were added or smth, not because some mad lad fished for hours on a lvl 1 acc

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Imagine the pain when some lvl 1 fished for 10 hours and the sunken treasure caught notification pops up, only to see that they caught a lvl 1 knockback amulet :skull:


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funny bug used to happen if you rolled the sunken rng while below level 50


Me and someone else, can’t remember exactly who, were able to get to max level in 2 hours. My personal best, but I’ve also only done it like twice so :person_shrugging:

oh so that was fixed in wom?


actually now that this was brought up wtf would happen if a level <50 fished until 3000 fish caught in ao and got the pity sunken?? would they jus get like a pity fruit or something :skull:

or will level <50 sunkens exist :eye:

maybe idk. we too lazy to test something like that

funny thought but could prob be fixed easily by just waiting until the next time the player meets the requirements to get the pity sunken or sumn, but ig that could also cause some issues if for some reason they decided to get like 15k fish caught fr boutta get 5 sunkens at a time (or only one??)

omg so you’re telling me testers don’t play arcane dodsyey 24/7 30 days a wek/??? bad tester wtf

imma report it anyway just in case

LOL that screenshot fits perfectly with what i said :sob: