Can anyone post pictures of players holding 2 cargo

trello says he added it but i gotta see what this look like

i don’t think the patch is released yet

true it is on trello but vetex didn’t send it in the news channel… (can a tester send a picture of it then :>)

Testers won’t be able to just give leaks out like that even if it’s minor

true… gimme tester for the small cargo carry animation
would be funny if the carry animation depended on your build
like weapons would just stack the boxes and have them sit on top of eachother
magic just uses a platform made of their magic to move it
strength just lifts the two boxxes one on each arm
and vitality just does one of the two (but with added “struggling” in their animation to show that they aren’t supposed to be doing this)

weapons should haphazardly balance it on one of their weapons (e.g. kai saber)

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