Can having a homophobic clan bannable

like can they get banned for having homophobic members?

wth is this man, I’m not sure what your getting at here but I would just avoid doing this

are the members or the clan itself the problem here?

like my clan leader just said “having a homophobic clan is bannable”
i think thats bullshit

most members i guess?

I mean it’s not bannable unless you’re going in game and typing “I hate f**s or some shit”

I mean, members would probably get struck down and the clan leader themself. That happened to another clan a while back, iirc.

1.1 Any and all clans that have or maintain a discord dedicated to the clan must try to adhere to the Discord ToS, In-Game Ban Rulebook and Arcane Odyssey Discord Rules to their best capacity. Moderation of said discord can be handled by the leader of the aforementioned clan in any way they see fit.

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basically, if they don’t say anything homophobic related to the clan, it’s fine, but as soon as it is directly connected to the game in any way, the owner is either forced to punish this person or they will face punishment themselves. Most likely in the form of a clan deletion or a ban.

you can be homophobic or racist or whatever, alot of clans are anyway. just be careful about what some people say

basically keep your views a secret


terrible grammar

Alright now I want you to think real hard about this okay.

Do you really think that roblox itself would allow that in the first place???

If they aren’t doing it in-game or in their discord server then they aren’t bannable

Yes, you can get banned, don’t be a loser.