Can I get artist role?

not sure how to apply but heres a post just asking.

art: Hecto's inescapable purgatory of doodles - #14 by sandal

To get artist role you need to post art related to WoM AO AS (Adventure Story) or OF (Online Fighting) i think


maybe I’ll do it later idek

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you need three pieces of arcane universe art to enter tho and everything posted to the art channel must be related to the arcane universe

o ok

welp time to give my defunct scrap machine some magic

(no clue how that works or what magic a robot would use but sure)

Eh I honestly think it’s better to create specific ocs for ao instead of modifying existing ones, especially ones like yours.

wdym, its ez!

get a wizard hat

draw a glowing circle

BOOM! mage!

draw the new epic magic user in the middle of an eldtritch abomination and notorious crime syndicate filled ocean and BOOM! its an AO mage!

vertex’s ao charcter design process leaked!111!!!

Also secret artist tip
6-7 pm est is when more people are online
yes it’s really scummy but I want those likes ok

thank you for pro tip