Can magic counted as a mutation?

No, not the magic mutation like Flare, Sun and stuff, i mean to the human body
We all knew ( or some at least ) that magic, or more specificlly ( bad english ), magic energy, cause mutation to animals like shark and possible other too but didnt shown in the game due Vetex doesnt know how to animate non humanoid npc but probably more to marine life due to well, sea can disable or even kill a curse user due to it’s magic pollution, meanwhile air dont, and possibly plants too, only maybe tho, due not everything in the AA webcomic is canon, but i’d still think it’s a possiblity
So, does the fact that human can use magic counted as a mutation caused by magic energy ?
And… well not really comfirm i suppose, but it seem that magic is genetic, pass from father to son and so on, meaning it is caused by something in our body, more or less, the fact that minds, what allow human to use magic in the first place already prove that
But at the same time, Vetex stated that everyone has magic energy, and magic even, it just that not everyone’s first mind are open when they was born, which make them unable to magic, so maybe it vary ?

This seems like a very lore related question so only people like Vetex or Techlevel would know but I don’t think they’ll tell us just yet

its possibility, maybe theres a specific island with mutated people

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