Can somebody explain to me how dw combat works

I’m tired of getting my ass kicked by npcs can anyone explain the combat system to me and how I fight npc’s and other players

jump on air and press Q lol

F to block, few first seconds of blocking is a parry. go practice your combat at the isle of vigils, there’s a trainer there that you can combat endlessly without dying.

there’s a question mark up top next to the chat button that teaches you controls. a lot of the enemies tend to overwhelm you at lower levels, so don’t go alone, or do it stealthily.


assassinate until you get it down

You parry with f, and do a heavy attack by using right and left click at the same time.

just parry
use m2 to feint m1s or dodges


This is all great advice. Listen to this guy

alright thats enough im just gonna buy dw

If you can get friends to play with you it’ll make everything 100x easier

my friends cant afford this game

so the first thing i did in this game was get my ass kicked by some temple guard with a white hood, nice start

Bro did you attack the guards :skull:

Also any tips on when to parry as well as getting better at it?

i didnt think i could actually hit them…

Block when they have their weapon back and about to swing and then swing back and then be immediately prepared to parry again and repeat

It gets more complex to explain once you fight npcs that have incarnations/other moves but parrying part stays consistent

Alternatively you can do perfect dodges