Can someone explain armor

Can someone explain how enchant scrolls, the different tiers of enchant scrolls, gems and armor upgrades work
Can u add both an enchant scroll and a gem to one armor piece?

enchants add a stat to armor
gems add less stats, but have a smaller bonus stat added. diff armor pieces can have 0-3 gem slots
upgrades increase the amount of stats given by these upgrades

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are certain tiers of enchant scrolls stronger than others specifically for armor?
how do i craft perfect gems
and what is some of the best armor setups rn
appreciate it bro

t2 enchants give double the stats or two diff stats
perfect gems are from perfect jewel crafting skill, you can pay ppl to make jewels for you if you really gotta
armor set metas depend on your build

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Enchants, Gems, and Treasure modifiers are there to serve as additional stats you can add to an item.

Armor upgrades is straight forward and rather self explanatory, but it’s there to help armors scale with your current level.

Currently there are T1 (Tier 1) and T2 (Tier 2) enchants. The differences between the two of them is their scaling with levels

Can look at more here:

T2 is basically always objectively better, unless it changes at some point for whatever insane reason.


By having Max Jewelcrafting, may or may not take you a fair bit though.

If you’re lvling it up with rare gems and T1 reagents. It’ll take you 167 rare gems and 835 T1 reagents to max it.

But if you’re using Exotic gems and T2 reagents. It’ll take you 72 Exotic Gems and 360 T2 Reagents.

The fastest and best way to go about it is to find 72 Exotic Gems, and get 360 Thornflowers. The hardest part i’d say is the Gems since Thornflowers are stupidly common.

Depends on what Class you are.

Mages are generally going for Arcanium Items.
FS users are generally going for FS items.
Vitality users are going for Vitality items.
Weapon users are going for either of the 3 above, except for Warriors.

Warriors are basically still going for Sunken armors.


very very helpfully bro appreciate it
can u add more than one gem or more than one enchant scroll to the same item?
also what’s the best way to get those T2 enchant scrolls
also, what stats should i go for as a warlock?



Depends on the number of Gem slots, and you can only have one Enchant and or Modifier at a time.

Outside of Resilient, Healing, and Piercing enchants, the only way for T2 is in the Dark Sea.

Be it regular chests at a rare chance, or Dark Sealeds.

I think most ppl just defaulted to 120 150. Whether Magic or Str goes to 120 or 150 is up to you.

mb i meant for the armor stats like should i mainly focus on power and defense only
or power and defense alongside some agility magic size and attack speed
for a warlock type build yk
and if i apply a tier one to my armor can i apply the t2 enchant after i get it or is it permanently enchanted at t1

Power and Defense is always a given, but mostly depends on your magic and FS.

You’d have to go an unenchant it at an enchanter

is it costly or nah to unenchant

Generally speaking not really, i think at worst something like sunken might cost you 500-1k Galleons.

It’s hard to gauge since i don’t unenchant at all really.

And anything under 10k is considered really really cheap to me.

slide the galleon farm method

I don’t really have a method, i just go around doing charts and the occasional Dark Sea trip. And just save whatever i’m not using to my Clan bank.

It all just added up overtime.

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