Can someone explain to me SPECIFICALLY how revealing works?

I’m just a bit confused about if the effect is bugged or not. Whenever I use Revealing 1, it just reveals everything in a radius around me and then keeps all those indicators up. When I then move to somewhere else, it doesn’t automatically cancel those old indicators and give new ones for the new objects near me. Also, opening chests doesn’t remove their indicators. Picking up collectables like seaweed or shells does at least.

Also, what’s the difference between Revealing 1 and Revealing 2 or more, is it the range it reveals things?

yeah, the indicators aren’t supposed to stay there, so that’s a bug.

yeah, it increases the range and they let there be more indicators at the same time

thanks for the info, now i know to complain about revealing still being bugged

also I think the highlight feature should still be used specifically for players

it also highlights players yes
but the previous highlight system only allowed like 20 highlights at a time, so it was kind of bad

i know, that’s why that highlight feature would be used only for players and nothing else

This would be a nice change, its not like servers have more than 20 people in them lol.